Updated 4/13/19, 12:40 PM ET

Athletes, please review these last-minute updates to ensure a successful race day experience:

Due to recent ocean currents, the Swim Course will now start from the SOUTH, identical to last year’s swim portion. International distance swimmers will start near the Jetty Tower Life Guard station (pictured here) located at the southern tip of South Beach (150 meters north of the jetty wall). Classic distance swimmers will start near 3rd Street. Both distances will continue to exit at the same 5th Street exit point. At this time, race distances will not be altered.

Like last year, athletes who may not be inclined to participate in the swim will have the option to participate in a duathlon (run-bike-run) instead. Those interested in this format must report to their original swim start area as usual.

Duathletes will start in the final wave of both International and Classic distances. They will cross the same swim start mat, run north along the beach and eventually cross over the Swim Exit structure (and timing mat) located at 5th Street. From there, duathletes will proceed into Transition to begin the bike portion as usual.

Duathletes will be scored separately from triathletes. All finishers will receive finisher medals, although duatheltes are not eligible for awards.

With 82°F temperatures and strong winds forecasted for tomorrow morning, the event will operate under a YELLOW event alert status (EAS). Conditions are less than ideal at this Moderate alert level, meaning athletes should be slow down and be prepared for worsening conditions.

Only the Biker on each relay team will be allowed to access the bike racks inside Transition. On race morning, following the swim portion, the Swimmer will pass their timing chip to their Biker within a Relay Pen, located just inside of the Transition area. The Biker will then proceed into Transition to grab their bike and begin the cycle portion. Upon completing the Bike Course, the Biker will enter Transition, rack their bike, then proceed to the Relay Pen located inside Transition where they will pass their timing chip to their Runner. Only the Runner will cross the Finish Line. Remaining team members can report to the Information Tent to receive their medals.

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