Team Challenge
Who says this is an individual sport?

Team Challenge

Compete for the ultimate bragging rights at the South Beach Triathlon benefitting Save the Children! We proudly offer the Team Challenge competition – a group racing concept unique to the world of short course triathlon.

The Team Challenge is a complimentary, opt-in competition for all registered International distance participants. Individual participants form teams, who compete using cross-country style scoring.

How It Works

Groups of 5 or more individuals form a team to compete for local bragging rights and prizes. Finish times from each team’s fastest five finishers are combined (cross-country style) into a final score.

The Team Challenge is open to individuals and triathlon teams/groups/clubs alike. The competition is only available within the International race, where the top 3 overall winners in the male, female and coed team categories will take home the Top Team Challenge Awards!


  • Teams must consist of 5 or more individuals (may be male, female or co-ed).
  • Finish times from each team’s fastest 5 finishers will be combined to create a team’s final score (cross-country style).
    • Co-ed team scores will consist of the two fastest males, the two fastest females and the next fastest participant.
  • Teams with fewer than five people will not be eligible for competition.
  • Large groups/teams/clubs with more than 10 members may create multiple teams. Example: If a club brings 50 athletes, they could create a maximum of 10 teams, each with unique names (ie. “Fast Team, Beer Team, etc.”).
  • Top three performing teams with the fastest combined scores within their respective men’s, women’s or coed divisions will receive awards.
  • Participating team members will remain eligible for individual age group awards.
  • All individuals on the team MUST be indicated on the required Team Challenge form below in order to qualify. *Questions may be directed to FLGroupsCharities@LT.LIFE for assistance. Additional requirements below.


All individuals who wish to be included in the Team Challenge MUST fill out the required Team Challenge form (below) in order to qualify. Please return the completed form to the Solutions desk or Ask a Coach booth during packet pickup on Saturday, April 13. The Team Challenge is only available for International individual distance participants.

> Required Team Challenge Form

All individuals who wish to be included in the Tri Club Championship (overall winning team) MUST indicate their Tri Club name during registration in order to qualify. Only available for registered International distance participants. Deadline for Tri Club Championship inclusion is April 7, 2019.

*If already registered or have any questions please contact FLGroupsCharities@LT.LIFE for assistance.